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14 year Old Found Living At Walmart

I mean… Walmart DOES have everything you could need!


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Gangnam Style Fad Turned Deadly

Psy’s “Gangnam Style” dance fad too the world over in the latter part of 2012. It’s slowly fading into a “oh, remember that one song and dance thing” moment but not before it turned deadly for one man.


Madonna Performs During Her MDNA Tour At Hyde Park

Madonna Brings Guns On Stage Following “Batman Massacre”

Madonna is known for stirring up controversy but sometimes there is a fine line between edgy and inconsiderate. During her concert in Scotland on Saturday, Madonna ignored police warnings and brought pistols and machine guns on stage for her act. Her dancers were even dressed in all black, tactile outfits with face masks, similar to the way the shooter was dressed in Colorado’s movie massacre just 2 days before.


Time Cover

Time Magazine Cover…. Too Far?!

Time Magazine is causing quite a stir with their new provocative magazine cover that shows a mother breastfeeding her 3-year-old son. The issue is focused on parenting and how parents should follow the attachment parenting […]


Children (C) of US-detained Pakistani Aa

Crazy Mother’s Day Facts: What Does She Spend Three 40 Hour Work Weeks On?

Mother’s Day is coming up Sunday and its a great time to celebrate the hard work the beautiful women in our lives put into raising us. When you break it down, it is quite a surprise that they actually have time for a life after care taking for the entire family.


Tanorexic mom

Tanorexic Mom Becomes An Action Figure

New Jersey mother of the year, Patricia Krentcil, was arrested last week after being accused of taking her 5-year-old tanning is now being immortalized as an action figure. According to Newsobserver, The president of Oxford-based HeroBuilders says everyone has friends into heavy tanning, “we thought it was a funny thing to do.”


Children participate in a giant traditio

3 Year-Old Finds A Grenade While Easter Egg Hunting

A big Easter event was held in Holford, Somerset, and one 3-year-old participating in the event came across a WW II-era explosive that he thought was an egg.


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J.Lo Shopping For Wedding Dresses?! REALLY?!

I’m not even sure if her divorce papers are approved yet and there are rumors J.Lo maybe thinking about walking down the aisle AGAIN?!


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Lindsay Lohan Shows Her Meth Mouth!

Lindsay Lohan has been partying it up lately. She still insists she’s living a sober life, but seeing some of the pictures of her leaving the club at closing make me think she’s lying. Now […]


2 Gunmen Open Fire On A Public Bus Over WHAT?! (Video)

2 gunmen in Pennsylvania opened fire on a public bus after their cousin called them to take care of a minor incident that she had with another passenger. It was all caught on surveillance video, […]




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