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Very Bad Marriage Proposal…With The Right Intentions

OMG -This is awful

Kiss 95.1–09/22/2014

Everton v Manchester City - Premier League

An Interesting Proposal

This is awesome! The guys on the show love this video because A. It’s hilarious! And B. It’s somewhat true… Everything but the lunchbox part!! Has your significant other ever asked for a crazy gift? […]


War of the Roses big

After The Roses: How Many Phones Does Nick Have?

Today we follow up with Nick, why has three phones, and his proposal to Sandra. . . but what happens when Sandra asks Nick to say that he loves her? Take a listen and find […]


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Ice Bucket Proposal

Tired of seeing the “Ice Bucket Challenge?” … Check out this dude proposing to his girlfriend during the challenge! Cassiday thinks it’s a horrible proposal…Would this make you mad?


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WATCH: Best Or Worst Proposal Ever?

This one is up to YOU to decide!


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Greatest Proposal Video Ever?

So…what have you done for the love of your life today?


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WATCH: Awesome Marriage Proposal –

Making your proposal memorable is key…. this guy took it to a new height. Literally


Students Participate In Their School's Final Year Prom Dance

I Would Ask ______ To Prom.

Maney is jealous of the national attention a high school senior is getting since the video he made asking Kate Upton to prom. He claims he is the original guy that had the idea! Listen to the full story now.

Kiss 95.1–03/22/2013

(Photo by: SAJJAD HUSSAIN/AFP/Getty Images)

National Proposal Day: Prom Proposal

It has been announced that today is the National Proposal Day. In the spirit of the holiday Drex and Maney talk to Huntsville, Alabama anchor Jullian Pavlica who was proposed to on live TV this week. Get the full story now.

Kiss 95.1–03/20/2013

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Turning Down Proposal

Last night was the final episode of The Bachelor and like clockwork the guy proposed to the girl he gave the “final rose” to. Maney was wondering what would have happened if the final girl […]

Kiss 95.1–03/12/2013



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