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5 Psychological Tricks You NEED To Know!

According to research there are 5 new psychological tricks that you need to know in order to have the upper hand in day-to-day situations.



Second Date Update: Arguing On The First Date

Collin thought his first date with Kelli was a dream come true so when Kelli didn’t respond his calls he called Drex & Maney to see if they could help him out.



See Pictures From Drex & Maney’s Gown Town 2014!

Beautiful dresses, colorful shoes, and stylish accessories, were center stage at Drex and Maney’s Gown Town at Northlake Mall today. The annual event kicked off at 10 am and lasted until 2 pm.


(Photo credit should read MLADEN ANTONOV/AFP/GettyImages)

Why Is Charlotte Weird?

A girl that writes for The Huffington Post wrote an article called “15 Reasons Why Charlotte Is Weird” and some of us Charlotteans are extremely offended by this article.


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St. Patty’s Day Drunkenness Plus Cassiday Bought A House

We’ve got audio from The St. Patty’s Day Pub Crawl on Saturday plus Cassiday tells us all about how she bought her first home!!!



Can’t Beat Cassiday: Dylan Of Kannapolis

Cassiday, the gossip gangster, takes on Dylan from Kannapolis in a battle for the pop-princess crown! Will Dylan be able to knock her off the celebrity gossip throne?


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Is Steve Smith Really Leaving The Panthers?

The Panthers are trying to trade our favorite Wide Receiver #89, Steve Smith, and if they can’t trade him then they’re going to just cut him loose.



Can’t Beat Cassiday: Tammy From Taylorsville

Cassiday, the gossip gangster, takes on Tammy of Taylorsville in a battle for the pop-princess crown! Will Tammy be able to knock her off the celebrity gossip throne?


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Did Katy Perry Just Start A War With Miley Cyrus?

Remember that kiss between Katy and Miley a few weeks ago? Well Katy is finally speaking out about that infamous lip-locking scandal.


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Do You Have A Mom That Dresses Like A Teenager?

Maney was out over the weekend when he noticed a mom shopping with her daughter and the mom was dressed way more “hoochie” than the daughter was!