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Oprah Brings Pharrell To Tears During Interview

Pharrell Williams is a Happy guy or so he sings. So why was he crying in a recent interview with Oprah?

19 hours ago

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10 Things Women Do When They’re Alone

Having time to yourself can be really great! If you’re living with your guy sometimes it’s just nice to have an evening all to yourself. There are certain behaviors and things us ladies like to do, but only when we are 100% alone! Some of these things are a bit bizarre and others are just things we want to do without the interruption of another person!

20 hours ago

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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Shows Off Baby Bump In Bikini

First of all who smiles in their mug shot? Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans does apparently. This girls has had lots of trouble with the law of the last few years. She’s been locked up a few times and has dealt with drug addiction too. It seems maybe Jenelle calmed down for the time being because she’s pregnant again. She’s expecting her second child with her boyfriend, Nathan. Oh and he’s in jail right now!

21 hours ago

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Lots Of Freebies For Tax Day

Today may just be another day for you because you are way ahead of the deadline and already filed your taxes. If you’re reading this and you haven’t, well you have until midnight to get them done! Ah stress! Taxes suck pretty much unless you’re getting a hefty chunk of change back. But look on the bright side even if Uncle Sam is taking all of your money this year you too can get some tax day freebies.

22 hours ago

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Ed Sheeran’s Arena Tour Coming To Charlotte

Ed Sheeran fans rejoice! It looks like our favorite ginger is coming to Charlotte for his arena tour!


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Former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Needs To Lay Off Plastic Surgery

For the love of God someone needs to sit Farrah Abraham down and have an intervention STAT! The former Teen Mom just loves being famous and will do almost anything she can to keep herself in the spotlight. Ok to each their own. But she needs to stop with the plastic surgery!! Have you seen her recently?


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Khloe Kardashian’s New Man Has Criminal Past

You would think Khloe Kardashian would be a bit more picky when it comes to the men she dates. Last year her world was filled with drama when she found out her husband Lamar Odom cheated on her and that he had a serious drug problem. Their marriage didn’t survive the drama and Khloe filed for divorce after Lamar refused to go to rehab and get treatment.


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Miley Cyrus Teaches Younger Sister How To Twerk

If I had younger children I would make sure they knew Miley Cyrus wasn’t a good role model. Her naughty pics, drug use, and trashy behavior isn’t something young girls should strive for with their goals. Sure she made a ton of money in the last year. I think the figure is like $76 million!!! But her trashy act cannot last forever.


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Miley Cyrus Gets Naked…Again

I guess her emotional and physical pain has healed since Monday. It seems Miley Cyrus is up to her old tricks again. Anyone else still ticked off about her last minute cancellation? I know when I have the flu it usually lasts more than one day! SMDH!!!


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“Boy Meets World” Spinoff Offical Trailer Is Here!

If you watched Boy Meets World back in the day then you’re going to be over the moon today! Last year we found out The Disney Channel was going to create a spinoff show called Girl Meets World featuring some of the original cast members from BMW. The show is slated to debut later this year!