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(Photo credit JAY DIRECTO/AFP/Getty Images)

ROLE REVERSAL! What If Girls Proposed To Guys

LOL – Having JUST proposed to my incredible fiance, this made me laugh a little harder than it should have

Kiss 95.1–09/18/2014

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Ariana Grande’s NEW #Problem

YIKES … .Seems a bit harsh!

Kiss 95.1–09/18/2014

(Photo credit should read LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP/Getty Images)

Best Rapper EVER!

This dude is great!

Kiss 95.1–09/17/2014

(Photo credit should read LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP/Getty Images)

The Craigslist Rap

This is incredible. Remember Mac Lethal? He’s at it again!

Kiss 95.1–09/16/2014

(Courtesy of Capitol Music Group)

JLO Slow Dances With American Idol Contestant

This is what sets REAL artists apart from just a performer. Their connections with their fans.

Kiss 95.1–09/16/2014

Brown bear

Wild Bear Pole Dances At Golf Course!

Random acts of nature caught on film! LOL MUST SEE

Kiss 95.1–09/15/2014

Miguel Cotto v Floyd Mayweather Jr.

MILLIONAIRE Floyd Mayweather Doesnt Tip Waitress…..Acceptable?

Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather didn’t leave a PENNY for his waitress after racking up a $25,000 tab at the Hard Rock Saturday.

Kiss 95.1–09/15/2014

"Napoleon Dynamite'' Makes History!

AWESOME Napolean Dynamite Tribute

So Jon Heder may not REALLY act like Napolean all the time, but when it comes to his fans… he can “turn it on” whenever he needs to.

Kiss 95.1–09/11/2014

(Photo credit should read LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP/Getty Images)

HILLARIOUS Man Dances Through Department Stores

Sometimes the best entertainment comes at the most random times.

Kiss 95.1–09/11/2014

(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)

BEST Family Fued EVER

The show Family Fued is one of my favorites. Especially since Steve Harvey started hosting.

Kiss 95.1–09/10/2014


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