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Wedding Bells for Zayn, Gaga, and Charlize?

Which celebrity marriage will last?


Breezekat Wedding Intro

Wedding Party Gets Turnt Up!

Well this is one way to shake up a wedding! Check out this video of the entire wedding party and their guests getting totally turnt up! Could you imagine this happening at your wedding? If [...]



To Tinder Or Not To Tinder

Producer Uptown Ashley is giving Drex, Maney, and Cass full control of her dating life! What do you think?


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Rappin’ In The Port-A-Potty

Dude had to use the port-a-potty during his show and DIDN’T STOP RAPPING!



Can’t Beat Cassiday: KatyPerry “Prism”

Can you take down the Queen of Pop Trivia? Challenge Cassiday every week day around 7:30am for your chance to win $200 to Platos Closet. Just for taking up the challenge you’ll be going home [...]

Kiss 95.1–06/14/2014


War Of The Roses: An Intern And Boss

Abbey and Richard went at it on War of the Roses. She was an intern and he was the boss. Things get messy when she says she’s going to blow the whistle on him. But did he make her sign a confidentiality letter?



Mexican Police Capture Hippo Found Wandering The Streets

Mexican police were called to help with an unusual situation in the state of Jalisco, when a hippopotamus was seen wandering aimlessly through the streets.



Police Find Drugs Hidden In Belly Button

Police in Greenville, North Carolina, say they found drugs hidden in a man’s belly button. Officers arrested Randall Streeter of Greenville late last week on numerous trafficking heroin charges after a traffic stop.


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No More Fireballs For Drex

Drex drank too many fireball shots over the weekend and swore them off. We inducted him into the “Fireball Hall of Fame” along with other listeners who admitted they took a shot of Fireball then “blank” happened and I swore it off!


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Weird Bachelorette Episode Last Night, Tracy Morgan Remains In Critical Condition

Tracy Morgan is still in critical condition after the car wreck he was in this weekend, and now it has come out that the driver who caused the crash had been awake for 24 hours with no sleep driving the truck.