Kissmas Concert December 9, 2014: Jesse J, Nick Jonas, BeBe Rexha | The Fillmore | Get tickets

Drex & Maney Mornings


Cass Does What For The First Time!?

Cass did a keg stand for the first time this weekend! She made her hubby proud, and had so much fun she wants to do it again! Do you think 30 is too old to […]



Stupid News: Bubble Gum Broccoli, A Rabbit, & A Microsoft Exam

McDonald’s CEO admits company tried bubble gum broccoli McDonald’s is trying to make their food healthier for kids…including making some bubble gum flavored broccoli. The company’s CEO Don Thompson was asked how their food was […]



Stupid News: Remote Arugment, Hipsters, & An Ambulance Ride!

Man calls 911 over remote argument Finally, we have some stupid Brits to talk about! A man in Shropshire, England called police for a domestic issue…his wife wouldn’t give him the remote. When the operator […]


Vatican Christmas Concert

What To Watch: Church Service Guitarist Smashes Guitar!

Watch as a church service guitarist smashes his guitar during a performance of Katy Perry’s “Roar”.



Second Date Update: The Secret Spot!

Brett and Holly met on! Brett was intrigued by the photos Holly had up on her profile so he decided to reach out to her. Holly to Brett to her “secret” spot the first […]


Photo Nov 14, 9 20 10 PM

Are You ‘Too Cool To Dance?’

If you love to dance, we have the perfect contest for you! Eden XO wants you to win an all expenses paid, ultimate L.A. weekend experience — complete with a flight to California, a tour […]



Stupids News: Toilets In The Kitchen & People In Line For Black Friday!

New law allows kitchens in France to have toilets in them Now you can literally poop where you eat in France. Up until now, “toilet facilities” had to be separate from from kitchen and living […]



After The Roses: Jason Breaks The News!

Today we get Jason’s ex Kristi on the phone to find out what really happened the night he came over.


Protests Held Against The Potential of Strikes Against Iran

What To Watch: Bat Dad Is Back!

We absolutely love “Bat Dad”!


Fifties Telephone

Maney’s Awesome Prank. . . P.O.P!

Maney decided to call a lawyer’s office. . . P.O.P style!



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