Angel 95.1: Angel Admits To Playing Tricks On Her Nurses

While sitting in the hospital for hours on end, sometimes kids have to find fun ways to kill the time and Angel has definitely found the gold mine: she plays tricks on the nurses!



Angel 95.1: Why Doesn’t Angel Want Horses In Her House?

So we already know Angel has a lot of animals (some she said were no longer with us) but on top of the cats, dogs and fish roaming free around her house, she’s also got horses!


nurse julie

Angel 95.1: Nurse Julie Talks Being Angel’s Nurse

Nurse Julie deals directly with Angel every time she’s in for her chemotherapy treatments and she tells us there’s one big reason you should support Angel 95.1 & Levine Children’s Hospital



Angel 95.1: Drex & Angel Have A Smelly Feet Contest

Now we’re not sure at ALL why someone would willingly want to smell Drex’s smelly feet but Cassiday took the chance to judge a smelly feet contest!


Nurse Leslie

Angel 95.1: Nurse Leslie Admits Angel Is An ‘Awesome Little Girl’

“She’s just an awesome little girl” Nurse Leslie admits about Angel and her vivacious attitude. While sitting down with Drex, she admits that working with kids may not be the easiest thing to handle but it’s the most rewarding experience she could have.



Angel 95.1: Angel Talks About All Of Her Animals

Not only is Angel special in a way that is hard to put into words, she’s also a big animal lover!



Angel 95.1 Is Tomorrow… Fueled By Newk’s Eatery!

We are so excited for tomorrow’s special day. We’re turning KISS 95.1 to Angel 95.1 for the day in honor of Levine Children’s Hospital and Angel Thompson. She is an amazing girl who has been battling a brain tumor for a while now.


Still smiling in the hospital!

Meet Angel Thompson, The Face Of Angel 95.1 On May 1

We’re back for another year of Play Anything Day and this year, we’re adopting Angel Thompson for the day and renaming our station, our website and our entire identity to Angel 95.1! May 1 we’re bringing back Play Anything Day benefitting The Drex & Maney Kids for Levine Children’s Hospital.



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