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Sept. 20: Known as the inventor of the popular snack chip Doritos, Arch West died in a hospital in Dallas, Texas, at the age of 97. (credit: Frito Lay/Getty Images)

New Mt.Dew Test Flavor Not So Appealing


Kiss 95.1–11/11/2014

(Photo by Eli Meir Kaplan/Getty Images)

Roommate Dances His A$$ Off & Thinks No One Is Watching

LOL – This is one of the UPSIDES to having room mates. Catching them doing dumb stuff on camera

Kiss 95.1–11/11/2014

(Courtesy of Big Machine)

Taylor Swift’s New 80′s Slick Back Look. Fashion YES or Fashion Mess?!

Taylor Swift is on top of the world with her album titled “1989″ but it seems her new makeover also is a throwback to 1989. Do you think it’s a Fashion YES or Fashion Mess?

Kiss 95.1–11/11/2014

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Ketel One)

The “Honey Boo Boo” Scandal Deepens, Did Mama June Have A Kid With The Molester?

In the past month, The “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” family has been rocked with a major scandal. First Mama June accused of dating a molester who was in prison for sexually assaulting her oldest daughter, now did she give birth to one of his babies too?!

Kiss 95.1–11/11/2014

(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Kids Get KRUNK At Joes Crab Shack

WHOA – Do you remember the first taste of alcohol you had as a kid? I did, & it was HORRIBLE!

Kiss 95.1–11/10/2014

(Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for AMP Radio)

Sam Smith The Rapper

Before Sam Smith discovered his incredible voice – He was a “dope rapper”

Kiss 95.1–11/10/2014

Nick Jonas performs during a Pop Up Performance at Peter Tunney Gallery on September 10, 2014 in New York City. (Kris Connor/Getty Images)

Nick Jonas…. Nude?!

Nick Jonas has strayed WAY away from his wholesome boy-band image when he was with The Jonas Brothers. First it was the pants down, crotch grab pics in Flaunt, now he’s going NUDE?!

Kiss 95.1–11/10/2014

Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

The Duggar Parents React To Jessa’s Racy Instagram Pic… But Not How You’d Think!

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar pride themselves on raising 19 kids with great morals and christian values, so it was a little edgy for Jessa Duggar to put up a steamy pic of her and her new hubby sharing a very intimate kiss on Instagram. What did her parents think about the picture?

Kiss 95.1–11/10/2014


How Stupid Would It Look, If You Acted Like Your Toddler? (Video)

I’ve always thought of how funny it’d be if I acted like he did, and one comedy duo named Tripp And Tyler did a YouTube video to show what it would look like! Hilarious!

Kiss 95.1–11/07/2014


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