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Jimmy Kimmel Shows Off New Baby Girl In Hilarious Way

Jimmy Kimmel took some time off recently to enjoy his new little baby girl. Last night he was back on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and debuted his new little one they named Jane, in true Jimmy fashion.

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“The Rock” Plays Patty-Cake With Little Girl On Set Of Hercules

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may be a hardcore, muscle-head action hero, but that doesn’t mean he won’t take a little time-out for some patty-cake. While filming for Hercules recently, he tweeted an on-set photo with a 2-year-old actress that was adorable.


Kanye West on the cover of GQ (Patrick Demarchelier/GQ)

Kanye West Talks Fashion – “How To Dress Like A GOD”

Its no secret that Yeezy thinks of himself as a one man team of “Fashion Police” –
He has always considered himself an inovator when it comes to fashion, & in some cases an overlooked trend setter.
FLASHBACK to the leather jogging pants!


Horry County Police Mug Shot

Former Member Of Destiny’s Child Arrested In Myrtle Beach

Many people may not remember when Destiny’s Child was a group of 4, but Farrah Franklin used to be a part of the group in its infancy. Now she’s only making headlines for an arrest in Myrtle Beach! Classy!



Mother And Son Who Died In MH17 Crash Shared A Selfie Right Before

With more and more details coming out about the horrible tragedy of Malaysian Flight MH17 last week, we are starting to see some faces of the victims of the fatal crash. One last picture of a mother and her son who perished in the flight is now out.

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Tim McGraw (Courtesy of Nigel Parry)

Country Singer Tim McGraw Slaps A Female Fan At Atlanta Show (Video)

Country artists are known typically to be home grown southern gentlemen, which doesn’t seem to be the case for country star Tim McGraw. He was caught on video slapping a female fan at his concert […]

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Glastonbury Music Festival: 40th Anniversary - Day 2

“Straight White Guy” Festival Causing Uproar In Ohio

In today’s society, everyone has their own festival or parade to bring awareness and connect communities of people who share a race, religion, or sexual orientation. One festival in Ohio is really getting some people […]

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Airplane: Orville and Wilbur Wright

OITNB Star Jason Biggs Makes Bad Joke About Malaysian Airline Crash

Jason Biggs, star of American Pie & Orange Is The New Black is taking some serious heat over a terrible joke he tweeted after the news of todays Malaysian airline crash.



Malaysia Airline MH17 Passenger Shared Eerie FB Status Before Flight

Flight MH17 is the second plane to crash in the past 6 months for Malaysia Airlines.One Dutch passenger made an eerie joke about the previous missing flight before boarding what would be his last flight.