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Moving Train Selfie FAIL!

People continue to try and come up with the most creative Selfie’s they can. The selfies don’t always go so well though. One kid learned the hard way trying to do a selfie video by a moving train.

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Wu-Tang Affiliated Rapper Cuts Off His Penis In Suicide Attempt

Wu-Tang Clan is an old school rap group that produced a lot of big talent including ODB, RZA, Redman, and Methodman. One rapper who is affiliated with the group just attempted suicide by cutting off his penis!

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BREAKING: Miley Cancels ANOTHER Concert!

Seems like Miley Cyrus is starting a trend…and its not looking so good.


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Justin Bieber Tweets About Being Bi-Sexual?! (Pic)

Justin Bieber has stayed pretty low key recently after all the trouble he’s been getting in. He was last seen at Cochella with Selena Gomez, which started rumors of them being back together. However, a few hours ago a tweet went out from Justin Bieber’s account that claimed he had a new boyfriend!?


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World’s Toughest Job Only Get’ 24 Applicants, And They Get A Huge Surprise

With the economy in a recovery process and jobless rates rising, it seems some people will take ANY job to make ends meet. Would you take a job that is “basically 24 hours a day, 7 […]