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Very First iPhone 6 Gets Dropped On Live TV #FAIL

People all over the world have come out in droves today to be the first to own the new iPhone 6 that just got released. For one man in Australia it turned into a HUGE FAIL when he got the very first iPhone and attempted to show it to a reporter.

Kiss 95.1–09/19/2014

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ROLE REVERSAL! What If Girls Proposed To Guys

LOL – Having JUST proposed to my incredible fiance, this made me laugh a little harder than it should have

Kiss 95.1–09/18/2014

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Ariana Grande’s NEW #Problem

YIKES … .Seems a bit harsh!

Kiss 95.1–09/18/2014

Whitney Houston Passes Away

The Internet’s New Super Sexy Criminal Goes Viral

Jeremy Meeks rose to internet fame after his mugshot went viral following an arrest with people calling him the “sexy criminal” and he even scored a modeling deal out of it. Now there is a new super hot and morally devoid criminal hitting everyone’s social feed, and she’s got more of a record!

Kiss 95.1–09/18/2014

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Jon Stewart Rails The NFL’s Recent Handling Of Domestic Violence Issues

The NFL has been taking a lot of heat recently on how they’ve handled several domestic violence cases involving players. Jon Stewart gave the organization a hilarious lashing on The Daily Show that tops everyone else’s sentiments.

Kiss 95.1–09/18/2014


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