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Mom Records 4-Year-Old Saying Meanest Things #Hilarious(Video)

I haven’t quite reached the “no verbal filter” stage with my son because he’s only 15 months, but I can imagine it’s coming. One mother decided to record her 4-year-old horribly insulting her and make a hilarious YouTube Video out of it.

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Not Thirsty? EAT Your Beer On A Sandwich

Why have dinner AND a beer when dinner IS beer.

Kiss 95.1–09/30/2014


Do YOU Remember Lyrics From 1999? THROWBACK!

First off, this makes me feel old as hell!

Kiss 95.1–09/30/2014

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Kim K Attacker Goes After Ciara, This Time Half-Naked (Video)

Last week Kim Kardashian West was almost tackled by a Ukranian journalist whose done pranks on many different celebs from Adam Levine to Will Smith. This weekend he set his sites (….and thong) on Ciara! Check out the video!

Kiss 95.1–09/30/2014


How Often Do People Look At Your Breasts? Check Out The Bra Cam (Video)

Ladies how many times do you think people look at your boobs throughout the day?? The Nestle Fitness bra cam finds it’s A LOT!… And it’s not just men!

Kiss 95.1–09/30/2014


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