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Justin Bieber Pulls An Eminem With His Hair

Justin Bieber used to be known for his music, it seems these days he just makes news for stupid things he decides to do. The latest is supposedly a stunt to win back Selena Gomez. He dyed his hair all blonde!

Kiss 95.1–12/09/2014


Bebe Rexha Hosts HOT 7 At 7 With Jay Sparxx

#Kissmas2014 artist Bebe Rexha kicked it tonight on the #hot7At7

Kiss 95.1–12/08/2014

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Apple Releases Top Downloads Of 2014: Songs, Apps, Movies & More

Apple has become a dominate leader in downloadable content. Whether it’s songs, movies, apps, or games, most everyone is loading it up on their Apple iPad or iPhone from the apple store. They’ve just released the biggest downloads of the year for 2014.

Kiss 95.1–12/08/2014

(Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC)

Watch The SNL Ferguson Skit Pulled At The Last Minute

SNL is known for taking prominent news stories and making them into light-hearted funny skits, but it seems they may have thought the latest Ferguson skit was a little too soon.

Kiss 95.1–12/08/2014

(Ben Watts for Island Records)

Justin Bieber Went Platinum….And I’m Not Talking About His Music

Um…yeah. Wow – What up 1996

Kiss 95.1–12/05/2014


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