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Could Justin Bieber Be Heading To Jail?

Justin Bieber’s partying, drinking, drugs, and crowds at his condo in Beverly Hills, California has his neighbors up in arms.


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Shakira, The World’s Most “Liked” Person

Congrats to Shakira! She’s the world’s most liked person… Well according to Facebook! She’s the “100 million liked woman!” Her personal page reached 100 million” likes” after she posted a selfie at the Fifa World Cup final in Brazil!


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Wedding Bells for Zayn, Gaga, and Charlize?

Which celebrity marriage will last?


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DirtyBlog: Kim K is a Video Game Star

I laughed a few weeks ago when it was announced that Kim Kardashian had a new video game for Apple and Android. I figured no one would ever download it, and it wouldn’t be a […]


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Weird Bachelorette Episode Last Night, Tracy Morgan Remains In Critical Condition

Tracy Morgan is still in critical condition after the car wreck he was in this weekend, and now it has come out that the driver who caused the crash had been awake for 24 hours with no sleep driving the truck.