Ariana Grande’s Co-Star Working On A Playboy Gig?!

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Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy got some bad news last week that their show Sam & Cat was canceled. Grande can focus on her music but it seems McCurdy may be focusing on spread in Playboy maybe?!

McCurdy, 21, in March was dealing with some racy photos that hit the internet of her in sexy lingerie. But her latest Instagram pic seems to show she’s not really shy about showing it off. She even commented on what she thinks people do with her pictures that was pretty racy.

McCurdy tweeted a sexy pic of herself in boyshorts and a skimpy top writing, “#nofilter #datass #fapfapfap #eww #boysaregross”

“Fap, Fap, Fap” refers to men pleasuring themselves to her picture, but if she so grossed out by it, why is she helping with this pic? Seems to me someone may be considering a little Playboy spread maybe? It’s so crazy to me that most Disney and Nickelodeon child actors, go immediately to taking their clothes off when they get off of those networks. You don’t have to be naked to be successful! Is it lack of a childhood or the industry standard that pushes them that way? Plus, nudity isn’t even shocking anymore so we need to come up with another idea!


~Otis O Show


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