Weird Wedding Trend: Bridesmaids Half Moon Pics

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There have been some interesting wedding trends in 2014. Social media concierges, your not invited save the dates, and now an odd photo trend. If you’ve ever gotten married or planned a wedding you know wedding photographers charge an arm and a leg. There are bridal pics the bride takes before her big day. And then pictures on the wedding day of the bride getting ready through the end of the reception.

It seems like every moment is caught on camera. Well now there’s a new trend with wedding photos. It’s a pic trend that’s changing up the wedding party pics in a big way. I call them the half moon bridesmaids pic. They pose with the bride and lift up their dresses and sort of moon the camera.

I know a visual would help right about now and lucky for you…I have one!

I mean why? Talk about a quick way to take a classy event trashy!!!

And now it seems more and more of these photos are popping up!

I just want to know who came up with this terrible idea? When I saw the first pic I thought it was just a fluke pic that had gone viral. But sadly more and more people are jumping on this half assed trend.

What do you think of these pictures….fun or totally trashy?

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