Charlotte’s 10 Most Unfaithful Neighborhoods

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(Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images)

(Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images)

Talk about a top 10 list that caught my attention!! Cheating happens, we all know this. But apparently some Charlotte neighborhoods are more prone to illicit affairs. Where am I getting my info? A popular adult website that helps people in relationships find flings did all the research. I suppose I need to credit the website for their finding, but I’d rather not give their immoral business a plug. We’ll just call it Mashley Adison. If you’re really that curious about said site, google it and you can find whatever it is you’re looking for.

The website also had some other interesting stats on Charlotte cheaters to share:

  • There are more than 65,000 subscribers to from the Charlotte area
  • Members from Waxhaw have the most children
  • The average age of Charlotte-area users is 37
  • Members from Ballantyne have the most affair partners
  • 45-percent of memberships from the Charlotte area are women

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How about those interesting little facts? Okay, more importantly though, is your hood full of cheaters? Here’s the list of the top 10 according to that deplorable Mashley Adison!

10. Davidson

9. Eastland

8. Waxhaw

7. South Park

6. Dilworth

5. Indian Trail

4. Myers Park

3. Uptown

2. Ballentyne

1. Huntersville

How did your neighborhood fair on the list? I live in Steele Creek and thankfully my hood isn’t on it. But interesting to note, the top hoods with the most cheaters seem to be places where the home prices tend to be more expensive. Maybe people who cheat and look for flings need to have some extra cash to live their double life? I guess the real thing that blows my mind is that 65,000 Charlotteans have memberships to this disgusting website.

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