Can’t Beat Cassiday: Adam From Taylorsville

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Cassiday, the gossip gangster, takes on Adam of Taylorsville in a battle for the pop-princess crown! Will Adam be able to knock her off the celebrity gossip throne?

Study up on your celebrity gossip and play along now:

1. Cameron Diaz recently revealed to everyone she does not wear deodorant and hasn’t in over 5 years! YUCK! What children’s movie does she play a princess ogre? (Shrek)

2. It’s rumored Selena Gomez is dating 37 year old Orlando Bloom! Who is Orlando’s hot model ex-fiance? (Miranda Kerr)

3. Happy 39th birthday to Johnny Galecki and 33rd birthday to Kunal Nayyar. What CBS sitcom do they both star in together? (Big Bang Theory)

4. Ricky Martin guest hosted and performed on what reality dancing show Monday night? (Dancing With The Stars)

5. At the Disney music award show on Sunday Shakira won the Hero award for for building schools in her native country Columbia. What does RDMA stand for? (Radio Disney Music Awards)

Can YOU take down the Queen of pop? Get down in dirty at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow!

Drex & Maney Mornings

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