2014 wedding trends.

The Hottest Wedding Trends For 2014

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(Photo by:  ERIC FEFERBERG/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by: ERIC FEFERBERG/AFP/Getty Images)

Wedding season is officially here. People get married year round, but April through October are the most popular and priciest times to have a wedding. Fashion trends are constantly changing and so are wedding trends. I found some interesting ones that you may or may not want to incorporate into your big day!

First of all, weddings are getting more and more expensive. The average trip down the aisle is $26,989!!! That’s almost $27k! And here’s an even better break down on how people are spending their money on the big day.



Groom’s Clothing-$283



It all adds up and adds up fast. And now there are some more items that could add to the total cost of your wedding. These are just some of the newest trends in 2014 for weddings. Some of them seem a bit odd too. But to each their own on their big day!

1. You’re Not Invited Cards-Just like invitation, but you aren’t invited. I suppose these are kind of like wedding announcement cards. So if you get a you’re not invited card in the mail do you still have to send a present? I’m not one to send holiday cards out so this is just unnecessary tree murder!

2. Unplugged Weddings- No cell phones or internet devices allowed. The couple actually confiscates your phone before you sit down for ceremony. They want to make sure their exclusive photos aren’t taken by just anyone on a crappy cell phone cam. Plus it keeps the intimate details of their ceremony private to just those physically in attendance!

3. Social Media Concierge- This is something for that couple that loves to over share every detail of their life on social media. This is a hired professional that will live tweet, update facebook and twitter, share pics and videos via instagram and Vine. Oh and these people don’t come cheap.

4. Food Trucks for Reception- I love, love, love this idea! Food Trucks are hot right now. Even here in the Queen City we have Food Truck Friday in South End where all the food trucks come out. I think this is a perfect way to have a great variety for your guests. Just imagine the imaginative foods that could be served up!

5. Pink Wedding Dresses- Apparently this is the hottest trend yet for 2014. Vera Wang, designer wedding dress Goddess, just released her fall 2014 line with a few dresses in pink. I love the idea of adding color to the brides dress!

After seeing all these trends I am just happy I got hitched on the cheap. Just me and my man in Vegas at a little chapel. I wore red actually. What do you think of these new wedding trends? Social media concierge? I could do that for someone’s wedding and get paid. HMMMM :)

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