Top 5 Sexiest Jobs For Men

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Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images

Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images

Hey guys if you’re trying to up your sex appeal perhaps all you have to do is change professions. The job you hold can make you sexier to the opposite sex according to a recent survey. So what are the sexiest jobs? And how about the most unsexy job? I have them here!

I know for me there’s something really hot about a guy in uniform. I’m not into the whole cop fantasy, but I definitely dig a firefighter. And how about the cable guy? Or the satellite TV installer? I have always had a weird fantasy. :)

According to an adult website called illicit encounters here are the top 5 sexiest jobs for men.

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5. Farmer- I think a farmer can be hot from a distance. A nicely built guy in overalls without a shirt on with a nice build and tan riding a tracker…sounds good to me. But there’s a lot about being a farmer that’s not so sexy like animal crap and the smell of a barnyard. No thanks.

4. Firefighter-Who doesn’t or didn’t at one time or another have a rescue fantasy? This profession fits in perfectly with that. Plus there’s something super hot about a guy risking his life to save others.

3. Lawyer-A guy in a suit can be hot for sure. But some lawyers are scum bags. When I think of lawyer I think of Saul from Breaking Bad.

2. Doctor-He’s highly intelligent and is a life saver. Hot, hot, hot!!! Plus there’s something oh so sexy about a guy wearing scrubs! Yummy!

1. Chef-Although most chef’s tend to work crazy hours I can see how this made the top of the list. There’s something really awesome about a guy who knows his way around the kitchen. And if he really knows his way around the kitchen and makes gourmet meals, bonus!

As for the most unsexy job…I was thinking it would be garbage man or ditch digger. Nope! The most unsexy job a man can have…politician. I guess it makes sense. Most politicians are liars and slimy.

What do you think is the hottest job a man can hold?

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