Facebook celebrates its 10th birthday today.

Happy 10th Birthday To Facebook!

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Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Ten years ago today, Mark Zuckerberg launched a site he called “The Facebook” at Harvard University. The concept behind the site was to help connect people and share information like never before.

Obviously, the idea was well-received, otherwise Facebook as we know it wouldn’t exist today.

Have you ever wondered why Facebook has had continued success and growth, even after similar and comparative sites have eventually fizzled out? Do you think it’s possible that Facebook will eventually become a thing of the past — perhaps, being replaced with something better?

Perhaps … but, not if Zuckerberg has a say in it. The creator, who turns 30 in May, is always thinking ahead — and perhaps more importantly, always thinking big.

It’s no surprise then, that Facebook has literally rocked the world since it was debuted 10 years ago!

It’s hard to believe that when it was first unveiled, it looked like THIS!

From connecting old friends to meeting new one’s, and creating relationship problems to creating relationships, life as we know if over the last ten years was forever changed by the site.

Did Facebook make our lives better, or is Facebook a nuisance in our lives?

No matter the answer to this question, one thing is certain: social media and social media platforms are here to stay, so it’s best that we embrace them — but, it can’t hurt to try to use them wisely.

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