Is Justin Bieber an alien?

Is Justin Bieber An Alien?! Possible Video Proof

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(Courtesy of Miami Police Department)

(Courtesy of Miami Police Department)

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Justin Bieber has been running rampant for the past couple months causing lots of drama in his wake. Could it all be an attempt to destroy the human world slowly? Ok, that may be far fetched but new video makes a good argument that Bieber may be an ALIEN!?

Justin Bieber was arrested on a DUI and drag racing charge in Miami last week. His hearing in front of a judge was on January 24th, bail was set and the Biebs was released to be arraigned on Feb. 14th. It seems when Bieber was standing on camera as his lawyer spoke, his eyes seem to change shapes and color. I find it odd that right when it happened he looked away really fast as if to cover it up.

Fox News did a report about it and referenced and old conspiracy theory by David Icke that a species of reptilian humanoids has long controlled the planet by adopting human form and infiltrating powerful positions. I hate conspiracy thoeries but WOW this looks crazy! What if it is true!! I’d say Bieber, Gaga, Tom Cruise, and probably Honey Boo Boo are in fact creatures from another planet!

Check it out … you decide:

Well a more logical thoery says is may just be a video glitch called video compression artifact. Basically, according to Wikipedia, ” it is a noticeable distortion of media (including images, audio, and video) caused by the application of glossy data compression. In video if the compressor could not reproduce enough data in the compressed version to reproduce the original, the result is a diminishing of quality, or introduction of artifacts (like his pupils seeming to change.)”

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