Celebrities who have overcome an eating disorder.

Celebrities Who Overcame An Eating Disorder

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(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

In recent weeks, eating disorders have made national headlines again — this time due to Ke$ha seeking treatment for Bulimia.

Eating disorders are often a silent condition that many people suffer from throughout their lives.

Previously thought to only affect women, we now know that men also suffer from the condition. Most people who suffer from an eating disorder are generally diagnosed with anorexia or bulimia. Anorexics restrict food intake, often to the point of starvation. Bulimics, on the other hand, binge and purge after eating.

It is not unusual for people who have eating disorders to suffer from both anorexia and bulimia, throughout their struggle with the illness.

Celebrities are not immune to eating disorders. In fact, many celebrities feel more pressure to fit into a particular mold of how society thinks they should look, and therefore, many struggle with their weight and body image.

An eating disorder can quickly dominate a person’s life. Moreover, most people who suffer from this condition have a distorted view of their body, no matter how much weight they lose.

Left untreated, an eating disorder can lead to organ failure and death.  It is extremely important that anyone who suffers from an eating disorder seeks treatment before it’s too late.

Many celebrities have publicly spoken about their battles with eating disorders. Stars such as Elton John and Lady Gaga, have talked about their struggles with the illness  — after years of denial.

Click here to see our gallery of celebrities who have overcome, or who are in the process of overcoming an eating disorder.

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