Who Moves On Faster After A Breakup, Men Or Women?

By: QC Writer
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(CBS Radio) — Have you ever noticed that men seem to bounce back from a split faster than women?

It’s true, when it comes to relationships and dating, men typically jump right back into the dating scene between one to three months after a break up. Women, on the other hand, typically don’t dive back in until close to a year after a break up.

Are men too needy, or are women just better at being alone for longer periods of time? Truth be told, women tend to have a stronger network of friends to help them get over a breakup. Their friends are more likely to come to their rescue after a breakup and help them cope during the transition. These friends fill a void that their Ex had previously filled. In general, men lack this support because while in a relationship, their significant other generally becomes the predominant person that they seek advice and support from.

And, let’s face it … men can’t really “cry on their buddy’s shoulder” the way a woman can lean on her gal pal for emotional support. Since men lack emotional support from their buddies, they are more likely to fill this void by replacing their old girlfriend with a new love interest.

Is It Healthy?

Being single has its advantages, as does being in a relationship. The issue comes when someone jumps into a new relationship for no other reason than they are afraid of being alone. Another issue comes once you’ve been single for an extended period of time — as it’s a lot harder to leave the single mentality behind and embrace being part of a couple. Inevitably, any relationship that you enter for the wrong reasons is bound to end.

Furthermore, no matter the duration between the end of one relationship and the beginning of the next, it is important to make sure you are truly over the previous relationship before entering a new relationship, for obvious reasons.

-QC Writer, CBS Radio

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