What U.S. Accent Was Found To Be Sexiest?

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I’ve always said American’s have the least sexiest accent in the world when compared to the British accent or Australian. Cupid.com did a survey though of just U.S. accents and got some interesting results.

Cupid.com surveyed over 2,000 men and women too see what region of the country that most found attractive when they speak. 36.5% said the southern drawl was the sexiest! I’d have to agree! When I moved from the Midwest, I fell in LOVE with the accent of Charlotte girls. According to Cupid, “when it comes to romance, most of us dream of long lazy days in the sun, epic sunsets and, ahem, rolls in the hay.”

I was a little disappointed to know The Midwest dialect came in near the bottom but I think that’s because we really don’t have much of one. We didn’t come in last though. It was people from Delaware and Pennsylvania with their Mid-Atlantic accent only getting 4% of the vote.

 Here’s is how the list panned out:

 -1st Southern – 36.5% (45% male/28% female)

-2nd New York –16.5% (10% male/23% female)

-3rd Western – 13 % (16% male/10% female)

-4th New England – 10.5% (8% male/13% female)

-5th New Jersey –7% (4% male/10% female)

-6th Canadian –7% (3% male/11% female)

-7th Midwestern – 5.5% (8% male/3% female)

-8th Mid-Atlantic – 4% (5% male/3% female)

Just in case you needed proof why the Southern Accent is so HOT:

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