Boston Marathon Costume Most Offensive Of The Year

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Multiple People Injured After Explosions Near Finish Line at Boston Marathon
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A Michigan woman has been fired from her job and blasted online after posting her costume from Halloween this past weekend.

She dressed up as a Boston Marathon runner with blood all over her body for a Halloween themed day at work. Alicia Ann Lynch, 22, posted a picture of herself wearing the gory Halloween costume on her Twitter account and has since received hate mail and even death threats. She deleted the account after posting an apology saying, “I have been fired from my job. I am paying for what I thought was a simple joke. I know it was wrong now. I wasn’t thinking.” She then ask people to leave her parents alone tweeting, “Plz stop with the death threats towards my parents. I was the one in the wrong and I am paying for being insensitive.”

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Here was the horrible costume:

The backlash got pretty harsh as expected:

Several victims even spoke out:

Personally, I think this was a pretty heartless and disgusting costume, considering the tragedy that many faced that day in Boston. It’s definitely not something to make light of, but I’m not sure who is worse: those people who brutally attack others on social networks and make death threats or this woman. I think this makes them just as horrible as this costume. How are you going to threaten someone else’s life while defending the tragedy of the Boston Marathon? Does that not make you as demented as the killers at the Boston Marathon? It seems death threats are all too common on twitter and Facebook nowadays, because you can hide behind a computer screen when you make the threat.

I’m not defending this girls actions, I’m just saying her costume was distasteful and a bad decision but not illegal. Threatening another person’s life in any manner is illegal and I think makes that person even more disgusting. This girl did make a idiotic decision to wear that costume, but she shouldn’t have to fear for her life because of it. I’m sure we’ve all said or done something that wasn’t completely thought out before.

Just food for thought, as I see way too many people making death threats online for dumb things. Justin Bieber and Selena breaking up, Robert Pattinson cheating, someone saying One Direction is horrible or a costume that was in poor taste. These are the dumbest things to be so hateful over! We need to rethink how we treat people sometimes.

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