Monday Night Morons! 9/16/13

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(Photo credit should read TORU YAMANAKA/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit should read TORU YAMANAKA/AFP/Getty Images)

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It’s Monday! Time to see what kind of morons THIS weekend brought us!

“HUNGRY” for a Tattoo
Getting a tattoo can be expensive. Not only is there a shop minimum, there is the cost of the artwork, plus the tattoo itself & tipping your artist.
It can be pricey.
The owner of “Ink Addiction Tattooz” in Raleigh found a way to attract customers who might not have the money up front. Food stamps. Yep, investigators found four instances of customers charging hundreds on their EBT cards at the tattoo parlour in exchange for ink.
The owner was arrested & charged with buying and distribution of food stamps and conspiracy to obtain  property under false pretenses.



Three’s A Crowd

A South Carolina man beat his girlfriend after having a threesome with her & her cousin.

The man got upset after he “finished” & the cousins continued to have oral sex with each other. The man grabbed his girlfriend by her hair, then hit her in the face and head and kicked her in the stomach. The man was taken to jail and released that day.He came back to his girlfriend’s house later than night and hit her in the chest. He then took her cell phone and stole her car. She got a hold of the cops who arrested the man again.He was charged with domestic violence and using a vehicle without consent.


Given the option….would you rather keep your MOPED or you manhood? I vote manhood.
Not the case for this 22 yr old Clover,SC man.
The 22 yr old & his friend had an argument over a moped,… apparently it got heated & he was shot in the crotch. When police arrived, the victim was conscious & able to answer questions as to what happened.
He was in stable condition at  Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte as of Friday evening.



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