X-Factor Judge The Next Celeb With Leaked Nude Pics?!

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It seems that we may be finding out which X-Factor judge has the XXX-Factor very soon. If you clicked on this hoping for Simon Cowell….. please go play in traffic! No one REALLY wants to see that….. except maybe his best friend’s wife!

It appears that former Disney Star Demi Lovato could have some unwanted pics hitting the web circuit soon! RadarOnline says they were approached about buying the pictures from an unnamed source that is trying to shop them around. More than 20 photos were emailed to the website that showed a woman in many compromising positions. Many were selfies of the “Heart Attack” star.

Radaronline said they have yet to completely confirm they are pics of Lovato but said, “She has the same tattoos as Lovato, including 12 black birds on her right forearm.” The website has refused to publish them….THAT’S THE BIGGEST SHOCKER! Tabloid with a conscience?!

They couldn’t really tell either where the source got the pictures in question either, but Lovato has been hacked in the passed by cyber-crooks. If they do get out though, this could really throw a wrench in her judging job on X-Factor!

I think she’s one of the best judges on the show! Here are some funny moments from her:

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