Top 10 Possible Names For Baby ‘Kimye’

by Brittany Hendricks
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(Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)

(Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)

Baby Kimye was born five weeks early over the weekend. While the couple has stayed mum on the name of their surely precious, newborn baby girl, we can’t help but speculate what name best fits her. Maybe they can’t decide? Well thanks to Mommy Kim who reportedly revealed to friends that her name will most likely “start with a K,” we might be able to help them out. So let’s do some investigating. This power couple surely do not live ordinary lives, and we don’t think her name will be anything of the sort either.

So check out our Top 10 Possible Names for Baby Kimye, and we might be right! Unless of course the name of their baby doesn’t start with K, otherwise that’d be awkward.

10. Kayleigh (KAY-lee)

The name is a derivative of Irish and Gaelic roots, which would match the baby’s exotic ethnicity. The name means  “slim and fair; slender,” which is a flattering definition for a Kardashian offspring; however, the name has increased in popularity starting in the late 1980s, and we don’t think Kimye would want to name their daughter something that 1 million plus Americans share.

9. Kennedy (KEN-uh-DEE)

This would be a nice name… if it wasn’t one of the most popular names on our list. It is also defined as “ugly head, helmet head.” We don’t think either Kim or Kanye would want their daughter to be attached to that.

8. Karley (KAR-lee)

For one, the name has fallen off the baby name popularity charts since 2007, so rest assured not many people and babies will share this name. Karley derives from the country of Greece, which is where the Kardashian clan vacationed a few months ago. The name also means “free man.” We don’t know where they could go with this.

7. Kaela (CAY-luh)

The name has Hebrew and Hawaiian roots, and it means “the laurel crown, style, and slim and fair.” Which the other meanings carry some serious weight, we want to highlight the “style” portion of the definition. Both Kim and Kanye are known as style fashionistas, and we’re sure that Baby West will have all the swag in the world; however, while the spelling isn’t similar, the baby would share the name with the sister of Kim’s ex-husband, Kris Humphries. We don’t think Kimye would like that very much.

6. Keely (KEE-lee)

What a beautiful name for what’s sure to be a stunning baby girl. It is of Gaelic origin, meaning “slender and pretty.” Even though this is such a pretty name, she would share the name with singer/actress Kiely Williams, and the name has also increased in popularity over the years. We don’t think Kimye would want their baby to share a name with too many people.

5. Katarina (CAT-ah-REE-na)

Katarina is such an elegant name for such a princess born into the reality television “royal family.” Not only does it derive from the Greek people, but it means “pure,” which is fitting for baby Kimye. The name is also seemingly unpopular within the United States as of the early 2000s, so maybe this can offer up a little originality.

4. Kaye (CAY)

Sticking with the Greek trend, not only is the name a derivative of where the family vacationed a few months ago, but the name is pretty much Kanye’s name minus the “N.” The meaning of the name is “pure,” which is something I’m sure the family would appreciate for the little tot.

3. Kenzie (KEN-zee)

The name is a shortened version of the name “McKenzie.” It has Scottish roots and is defined as “the fair one.” While we think this would be a cute name that precedes the last name West (Kenzie West), the name is growing in popularity across the United States, and we think Kimye would want their baby’s name to be original.

2. Kyra (KEER-ah)

The name is of Greek origin, which might make sense since the Kardashian clan’s last family vacation was to the beautiful Greek isle Mykonos. The meaning of Kyra is “lord,” which we’re sure both Kanye and Scott would love. It is also the Greek title of respect for a woman, which we’re 100% sure Kanye might appreciate. In Slavonic it means “strong woman” and in Russian means “beloved.” We’re sure Kyra is the perfect name for this beloved, strong, respected new member for this Kardashian woman.

1. Kenya (or Kenia) (KEN-yuh)

The name has African roots as it derives from the country itself. We’re sure that profound Kanye would want his daughter to have some type of connection to his roots, I mean the guy DID make an entire album about his. The name is somewhat popular and means “greatest champion,” and we’re confident that Kanye would want his daughter to wear this name almost as proudly as he wears his own.

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