Past X Factor Contestants Whose Name Is Worth Remembering

by Brittany Hendricks
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Lil Mix And Emblem Perform On ABC's "Good Morning America"

There have been multiple shakeups with Fox reality show The X Factor in the past three years. With the recent addition of X Factor judges, Kelly Rowland and Paula Rubio, you might find yourself forgetting some of the most memorable contestants the show has ever seen. You might have voted for them, cheered for them, you might have even followed them on Twitter during the show only to forget about them months later. Well forget no more because we have compiled a list of the Top 10 X Factor contestants worth remembering. Are we missing someone? Leave us a comment in the section below!

10. Lakoda Rayne, Season 1

You might remember these girls as one of the groups who were brought together after being eliminated and then placed on Paula Abdul’s team. Some of their memorable performances include “Born This Way,” which they sang at the Judge’s Home. Even though member Paige Ogle left the group to attend college in 2012, the remaining members continue to pursue their dream. The released a song called “Emergency Break” on iTunes in 2012. Check out their music video below!

9. Fifth Harmony, Season 2

Another girl group that was merged together at bootcamp is on the verge of superstardom. After going by the LYLAS, then changing to 1432, they settled on the name Fifth Harmony. You might remember them singing “Skyscraper” as their their “Last Chance” song before being saved in the early competition, or their version of “Anything Can Happen” by Ellie Goulding as the song that propelled them into the X Factor finals. Even though they finished in 3rd, they were signed to SYCO/Epic Records in early 2013. They are working on their upcoming album, and they just released their debut single called “Miss Movin’ On” on Saturday. Check out their new song below!

8. Marcus Canty, Season 1

You might remember this promising young artist as someone who won over the hearts of Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger in the early stages. He also swooned Rihanna at the Judge’s Homes looking directly into her eyes as he sang K-CI & Jojo’s “All My Life.” (You also might remember him as the person selected over Rachel Crowe in her dramatic elimination.) Since then, he released his first EP titled This… Is Marcus Canty which reached 114 on the Billboard 200. Check out his music video featuring Wale below!

7. Emblem3, Season 2

These three guys wanted us to take a trip with them to Sunset Boulevard… and 99% of females around the world screamed “Yes!” If you watched X Factor and don’t remember these guys, maybe you should take that trip too. They even had Demi Lovato saying, “Oh, you boys make me swoon.” Well since charming the ladies on the X Factor for an entire season, eventually finishing in 4th place, they were signed to SYCO/Columbia Records in 2013. Months later, they released their debut single “Chloe (You’re The One I Want),” and it’s just starting to make their rounds around the country. They begin their national tour with Selena Gomez this summer. Check out their performance of their new single on Good Morning America below!

6. Drew, Season 1

Even though she’s known legally as Drew Ryniewicz, she dropped her last name during the Live Shows of The X Factor and never looked back. You might remember her as the 14-year-old singer with the mature voice who put her own spin on Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” She was one of the most popular contestants among celebrities, even getting tweeted by Snooki on occasion.Her elimination came as a shock to everyone, but her talent was never questioned. She released her first live EP, “Hello it’s Me,” in December 2012. Check out one of her songs below!

5. Nick Youngerman, Season 2

Remember when Britney Spears proclaimed before the audition even started, “I LOVE THIS SONG!” He got the crowd totally hype with his evident stage presence and charisma. He got nods from all the judges and was granted access to bootcamp, then the Judge’s Homes. Unfortunately, Demi Lovato sent rapper Nick Youngerman home when narrowing it down to her final four, but the dream didn’t stop there. Youngerman went home and continued to work on his craft. He released his mixtape “Wait! That Kid From TV?” in March 2013. Check out his latest music video below!

4. Jill Jensen, Season 2

Who could forget one of the most emotional auditions of X Factor season 2 when a young girl bawled her eyes out on stage, proclaiming that she is a survivor of bullying. This prompted judge and Anti-Bullying activist Demi Lovato to embrace her on stage. She made it through bootcamp and into Demi Lovato’s home, but was eliminated along with Youngerman. That hasn’t slowed her down one bit, though. She has a new song on iTunes called “I Am Whole.” Check out the lyric video below!

3. Paige Thomas, Season 2

One of the many parents who competed on the X Factor season 2, Thomas was the one performance that people couldn’t get out of their head. She was a young mother with a story behind her voice. She sang her way through bootcamp and into Demi’s home. She finished the competition in 8th place, but not before leaving her stamp on the competition. There is speculation that Thomas could be signing with Roc Nation, but no statement has been made as of yet. Check out her new song called “Lolli” below!

2. David Correy, Season 2

If you weren’t one of the many people who were shocked about his premature departure from the X Factor stage, then you obviously didn’t recognize his potential or notice his heartwarming story. After being adopted, Correy claimed his main reason for joining the X Factor was so he could find his birth mother. Even though he eventually did just that, he did not receive X Factor success; however, he does that perfectly fine on his own. Check out his video for “One More Chance” below!

1. Astro, Season 1

He was the young rapper with crazy lines and that memorable New York swagger, then he became one of the most detested X Factor contestants after giving a lackluster performance in the face of elimination, Simon Cowell even called him a “brat.” But his talent and stage presence is both unmatched and undeniable. He commands any stage he is given and spits memorable rhymes like it’s going out of style. He was signed to Epic Records and released his latest mixtape Deadbeats and Lazy Lyrics in February. Check out his latest song “Deadbeat” below!

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