Chris From Muse Chat’s With Otis About Tour, New Video, And Matt Bellamy’s Wedding

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Muse is no stranger to the touring life since they’ve been doing it for nearly 20 years. They formed in 1994 and have been releasing hit after hit since. Not only that, they’ve also been named the greatest band of all time to see live by users. The exciting part is they’re rolling through Charlotte on Sept. 3rd at Time Warner Cable Arena.

Otis from The O Show on Kiss 95.1 got to chat with Christopher Wolstenholme (bass, vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar, harmonica) of Muse about their current tour, what we can expect in Charlotte and even when Matt Bellamy could be walking down the aisle with Kate Hudson.

When it comes to being named “the greatest band of all time to see live”, Wolstenholme admits that’s what they love most as a band too. “We obviously try to make as big of a spectacle as we can when we play live and we just love the whole excitement of the whole package,” he admits.  As far as what we can expect from this tour? “I think this tour… is as far as we’ve gone in terms of production for an indoor show.”

Muse recently released their 6th album, The 2nd Law, which features the smash hit “Madness” and their newest alternative hit “Panic Station”, whose video was released just this week. Wolstenholme continues raving about the video, citing that it was “really, really fun” when they filmed it in Japan with some simple HD cameras and ‘silly outfits’.  “I think it’s the first video we’ve filmed where we genuinely had a fun time making it!”

As a band who’s been side-by-side for nearly 20 years, it’s easy to assume they’ve gotta be pretty tight with each other, however, Wolstenhome says that lead singer Matt Bellamy hasn’t really talked about his impending wedding to Kate Hudson. The couple has been engaged since 2011 but Wolstenhome said, “you know, it’s not a conversation that’s actually happened yet so…”

Though Bellamy and Hudson’s spontaneity may take over one day as Wolstenholme jokes, “knowing Matt, he’ll just sort of turn up one day and just go ‘oh,I’m getting married tomorrow’.”

Check out the full interview now:

September 3rd Muse will take over Charlotte at the Time Warner Cable Arena! Listen to Kiss 95.1 for more tickets and CLICK HERE to purchase some from Live Nation!

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