Taylor Swift Parody – I’m Feeling 32

Otis O Show
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Photo credit: Ash Newell

Photo credit: Ash Newell

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I’ve been saying since Taylor Swift’s song “22” came out that I wanted to do a parody about being 32 and out of shape and tired. It looks like someone beat me to the punch and it’s pretty hilarious.

It’s kinda of weird that Taylor Swift who just turned 23 is singing a song about going back to the good old days and feeling 22 again. Ummmm…. that was like 6 months ago Taylor. I however will be turning 33 coming up on April 21st and having my first baby this month as well. So as much as I’d still like to live like I’m 22…. this songs by Fuse.TV is actually much more fitting. Can you relate?

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