Teen Mom Farrah Abraham: First A DUI, Now Half Naked Makin Out With Girls?!

Otis O Show
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Farrah Abraham seems like she may be having a Lindsay Lohan moment in life. Last week she was allegedly arrested for a DUI in Omaha. She later denied that ever happening but E! News confirmed with Nebraska police that she as arrested.

She has defended the rumors of her being a party girl saying that it’s simpy not true. Tweeting thing like:

And even tweeting “Tips For a Positive Lifestyle”

It seems she may want to head her own advice because the latest pics of her that just came out aren’t too positive or good for her image. TMZ got exclusive pics of the Teen Mom in sexy lingerie holding a bottle of booze and even making out with her girlfiends. Seems like a positive role model for her young one to me ~SARCASM~ !


I honestly looked at Farrah as the most legit and level headed one on the show that I had seen. She seemed to deal with her teen pregnancy well and her mom was a bit crazy but seemed to help. She wasn’t causing a lot of drama, or doing drugs. She seemed to be interested in making a life for her young daughter.  She even wrote a book called “My Teenage Dream Ended” about her ordeal. Fame may have gotten the best of her, or maybe she’s just trying to live out her 20’s normally and making a few mistakes along the way. I just hope her first concern is that little baby and being a mom.

~Otis O Show

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