Michael Jordan Has A Love Child?!

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Our fearless Bobcats owner and one of the NBA’s greatest players seems to be keeping a bit of a secret from the world. Michael Jordan may have a son that he fathered in 1995 during a short fling. Jordan was even married at the time to Juanita Vanoy.

TMZ broke the story that MJ had known about his son Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds, who is now 16. It seems “Taj”, as he calls himself, took to the internet to make the secret known and ask his father to be there in his life. In the video Taj says he wants “for him to come out from the dark and stop being secretive about it”. Taj went on to say that MJ knows about him saying “we’ve talked,…we’ve had conversations and I just want him to be more in my life.”

It seems no paternity test has ever been given to prove he is the father, but I’d say he looks a lot like his MJ. Jordan is being asked to submit to a paternity test and Pamela Smith is suing him for child-support as well. This comes at a bad time for MJ as he is about to get married again to his longtime girlfriend Yvette Prieto in April.

Here’s the video that came out from MJ’s alleged son Taj:

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