Harlem Shake Causing Arrests And Suspension, Even in Charlotte

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Harlem Shake
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The Harlem Shake is the latest viral craze. Everyone from top Forbes companies to Radio station, to local high schools have gotten into the goofy craze. You start the video with one person dancing in a weird helmet and everyone else seems oblivious, but when the song drops everyone dances like crazy and has weird costumes strewn about.

This is the version we did a few weeks ago for Kiss 95.1. We included a Bieber cameo and nudity (my fault, sorry).

Now the viral craze is taking things to another level at High schools around the nation where kids are being suspended and arrested even. 17-year-old high school senior from Queens, Arnis Mehmetaj was arrested for disorderly conduct and suspended for five days after attempting to organize an on-campus flash-mob video shoot for the dance craze, according to SPIN magazine. The school says several students were trampled and could’ve been hurt because of it.

Now local Charlotte coaches were suspended for having players at Cox Mill high school film their version after a big win for the basketball team. NBC Charlotte  reports that Cox Mill Coaches Brad Hinson and Jody Barbee were suspended after a parent complained about the video they saw on Youtube. Thankfully, Cox Mill came to their senses and realized the viral craze is harmless and has since said the coaches can be apart of Cox Mills first ever playoff game tonight. The video has been taken down from YouTube but NBC Charlotte has an exclusive copy they put out (CLICK HERE TO WATCH).

Do you think it was offensive or wrong? I think the kids were just super excited to have won and did something they thought was gonna be goofy and fun.

Here’s an O Show Listener from Raleigh that called in (ATOM Swim team):

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