We’re Now That Much Closer To Being Cyborgs With Google Glasses

Otis O Show
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(Photo by Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images)

(Photo by Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images)

otis The “O” Show
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Nowadays it seems we try and try to find every way possible to become completely connected to the world everywhere we go. We never want to feel like we are missing something or out of the loop. It’s a little scary how robotic we are becoming, and now with the newest Google Glasses invention we can really be connected everywhere!

Google has created a set of glasses that will allow you to browse the web for info, record videos at the blink of an eye, or connect with other friends and family while you are experiencing a moment in life. They will actually be able to see what you are doing with a voice command. This technology is so amazing but I feel like it makes the Terminator movies a little more real.

Check these out! I kinda want a pair! What do you think?

~Otis O Show

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