Scandalous Photos of Miley: See The Smoking Joint Here

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Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to scandal and controversy when it comes to photos being circulated on the internet. Naughty pictures were leaked when Miley was just 16 and 17. These pictures showed the young star barely clothed and in very provocative positions.

Then there was the video that spread over the internet like a wild fire on a very windy day back in 2011. Miley was hanging out with her friends at a party and was seen taking a hit from a bong. The bong didn’t contain weed, but rather a synthetic form of marijuana called salvia. Salvia causes hallucinations and is very dangerous.

Oh the memories! Well now it seems our girl Miley has found herself involved in another photo scandal. This week two different pictures have surfaced showing Miley with marijuana. The first one is a pic of her holding her tiny puppy. Cute right? Not so much because there’s a grinder and a pile of what appears to be weed in front of her. You can see that picture here compliments of Perez Hilton. Is this a photoshop job or the real deal?

And now today another naughty picture is going around. This time the picture shows Miley or someone who looks like her taking a hit off of a joint. See the picture here. This picture may not be Miley. It was posted via instagram under the user name “mileyxxcyrus”. Miley has flat out denied that this picture is her. She jumped on twitter to defend herself saying that she doesn’t have instagram. Ok! That’s fair. But what about the first picture with her and the puppy. She never confirmed or denied that this was the real deal. Hmmmm

Rihanna and Chris Brown love to post pictures showing off her love of Mary Jane. Justin Bieber also has been recently seen smoking and posing in pictures with weed and other drug paraphernalia. Perhaps this is a new trend among Hollywood’s young starlets. Yikes!!! #highlife



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