Tracy Morgan Calls Out Alec Baldwin’s Alleged Racial Slurs With Drex & Maney

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Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Jemal Countess/Getty Images

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Alec Baldwin has made headlines yet again after allegedly throwing a derogatory racial slur at a photographer in New York this past Sunday.  Now his 30 Rock co-star and comedian Tracy Morgan is speaking out about it.

“If he calls somebody a coon he should apologize,” Morgan spoke truthfully to Drex & Maney Tuesday morning.  Baldwin’s vehemently denies any type of racial slurs in his exchange with a New York Post photographer but photographer G.N. Miller stands by his statement.

Baldwin is known for having his anger get the best of him but Morgan does admit there was never any bad blood between the two on set.  “We never got really like that,” he admits but continues “if anyone calls anybody a derogatory terms like coon, this is 2013.”  He quickly adds the term is ‘played out’ anyway.

“There’s no excuse for that, you’re in your 50s,” he says of Baldwin before giving his own advice on how to fix the situation.  “If another black person calls someone a coon, he should apologize… He should apologize IF he did it.”

Baldwin soon released a statement after the story broke, saying “the claim of racist remarks is one of the most outrageous things I’ve heard in my life.”

Part two of the interview continues tomorrow morning with Cassiday’s Dirty on the Thirty.

-Jodi Phillips / Kiss 95.1

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