5-Lies To Tell Your Husband: “I’m A Stripper!”

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5-Lies "I'm A Stripper"!

5-Lies “I’m A Stripper”!

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In the loving spirit we’re putting a married couple to the ultimate test!

Sure, we’ve all told a white lie or two – but convincing your loved one of FIVE essential lies for a portion of Drex & Maney’s cash, isn’t as easy as it seems.

This morning we asked Stephanie to convince her husband John that she’s becoming a stripper…

“Well that’s —— LOVELY.”

Stephanie and her hubby, John were great sports winning the full $100 for ALL FIVE lies.

After nearly two years of being married I think we lost John somewhere around the “needing $400 for body glitter” stage of 5-Lies!

Think you can dupe the one’s closest to you? reach out to Drex & Maney on FACEBOOK!

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