Racist Super Bowl Ads? What Do You Think?

Otis O Show
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(Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)

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The Big Game is this weekend and we all love to anticipate what big commercials will be the funniest. Some have already leaked online and two are actually being flagged by different groups as being racist!

One Coke ad that features several different characters racing to try and get to the Coke they see in the desert first has Arab groups furious. They feel like the Arab in the commercial is portrayed too stereotypical as he looks like a sheik and is riding a camel. I think that’s kind of a stretch.

The other is by Volkswagen and shows a  white man from Wisconsin bouncing around the office talking in a Jamaican accent because he’s so happy about owning a VW Beetle.  I think this is actually the antithesis of racism as it portraying Jamaican’s in a positive fashion. Not to mention, there are white Jamaicans!

What do you think of the spots? Racist or not?

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