A Grotesque Way To Celebrate Valentines Day: Zombie Teddy Bears

Otis O Show
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(Photo credit AAMIR QURESHI/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit AAMIR QURESHI/AFP/Getty Images)

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Valentines Day is just a couple weeks away. For some, it’s not the most exciting holiday because it’s depressing to be single and not have anyone to celebrate with, or it just makes you think of people who you’d rather forget.


These new teddy bears called “Undead Ted” may be the perfect gift to get back at an ex or someone who wronged you. If you send them to an unsuspecting ex-boyfriend or girlfriend it’s a good reminder to them how they ripped your heart out. CLICK HERE for Undead Ted: Heartless

Maybe you just wanna remind someone how much you hate their guts with Undead Ted: Spilling Guts.

Of course, you maybe just have a relationship that bonds over super morbid things, and that’s ok! To each their own! There is a full selection of Undead Ted’s for your morbid obsession and loved one. CLICK HERE to see them all. Just please get yourself mentally evaluated for everyone else’s safety :-)

What would you do if someone got you one of these bears for Valentine’s Day? Run and hide, call the police, or maybe appreciate that he actually thought of you for ONCE no matter what it is?

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