Cam Newton A College Student Again

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Our beloved QB, that has united a Cam Nation in Charlotte, NC, is headed back to school! Cam Newton dropped out of college to pursue his NFL career and be the #1 pick in 2011 draft. Even without a degree he’s made millions upon millions with a $22-million contract for 4 years with The Panthers and countless endorsements.

Apparently, Cam decided he needed a fall back plan in case this NFL QB thing didn’t really work out. He has re-enrolled at Auburn University for the Spring semester to finish up his soci0logy degree, according to TMZ. A rep for Auburn says Cam won’t be talking to media as he just wants to be a normal student.

I think this is probably a great idea on his part. I think he’ll be just fine in the NFL, but QB’s only have a short lived career in the NFL generally….. unless you’re Brett Favre. Once it’s over you need something to do to abide your time. It’s seems like every other day, we hear about some former NFL player whose completely bankrupt or lost everything and kills himself. I think no matter what, you can never go wrong by finishing out your degree.

Not to mention, the thought of how many girls you can get as a star college quarterback is astounding. Imagine being a star NFL quarterback with $22 million to spare and in college! I think Trojan just got their new spokesperson. Cam you might as well finish out a degree in anatomy or gynecology while you’re there as well!

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