Top 10 Cell Phone Apps & Games Of 2012

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Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

It seems like a cell phone can do anything these days.  It can talk to you, be your personal assistant, keep track of your calories, keep you in contact with long lost friends and even unlock your security system from around the world.  Thanks to technology, we can pretty much do anything we want (except give us flying vehicles like in The Jetsons, weren’t we supposed to have those by now?)

This list won’t include Facebook or Twitter since just about everyone and their mother has them. (P.S. these are our favorite Twitter parody accounts if you’re interested) This list includes apps you may not have heard of or games you played religiously until your eyes were going cross eyed.

1.  Map My Run – with an increase in personal health and fitness these days, people were desperate for apps that could keep track of their mileage on the trails while also sharing that info to their social sites.  While we think some people were just showing off, this app actually lets you find friends nearby who use the app so you can form running groups and teams.

2.  Action Movie FX – Face it, we’ve all wanted to blow us something or someone on film and this app gave you the chance.  With Action Movie FX you can take a short video of anything and then add special effects to make the most action packed five seconds ever.  From dropping a wrecking ball on someone to a car explosion in the middle of Central Park, you are the master director with this app.

3.  Pinterest – If you’re as addicted to this site as 98% of the world, then an app on your phone is exactly what you need!  All the delights of the website in your pocket so you can pin all those cupcakes, wedding invitations, kindergarten crafts and baby shower decorations all day long.

4.  Draw Something – Remember playing Pictionary when you used that vintage pencil and paper to silently draw a picture that everyone had to guess?  Well thanks to Draw Something, a new generation were introduced to the age old game of guessing where they could play their friends from around the world.  Except, it’s a lot harder to draw on a small screen with big fingers!  That drawing of Lady Gaga always ended up looking like Spongebob.

5.  Song Pop – For music fans, this app is the greatest invention of 2012.  How great are you at guessing songs as soon as you hear them?  This app lets you play your friends and find the ultimate music fan among them.  With categories ranging from country hits to 80s classics and even classic TV theme songs, every music fan found their niche in this highly addicting game.  Plus, you were able to judge your friends harshly for forgetting that classic The Beatles song when it showed the results at the end.

6.  Google Maps – iOS 6 brought a few headaches to avid Apple users because it incorporated the brand new Apple map… which got some pretty awful reviews.  So thanks to Google maps, people weren’t getting lost in big cities anymore!  While Apple apologized for its poorly executed app, it still skyrocketed downloads for Google.

7.  Netflix – If you pay a monthly fee for Netflix, then you’re in luck!  This year, Netflix expanded its ability to play on many smart devices like iPhones, iPods, iPads and tablets all over the technological market.  Now you won’t miss any episodes of Dexter or Doctor Who while waiting for a flight or sitting in a restaurant.

8.  Instagram – While this app was Apple’s pick for App of the Year last year, it wasn’t until 2012 that Instagram expanded its net by integrating with Facebook for easy posting!  Now Facebook users can see Instagram pictures that you like as well as easy posting across many of your social network sites.

9. – Who doesn’t love to stream music?  We do!  And thankfully we found an app that lets us not only make our own music radio stations but also listen to our favorite local radio stations too. lets you save the radio stations you love as well as create.  Plus, you can listen to it while doing other things on your cell phone.

10.  My Fitness Pal – If you’re one of those people who have a problem keeping track of your daily calories, My Fitness Pal is the app for you.  It lets you import what you’ve eaten throughout the day, keeping a running total of your calories.  With over 2 million foods in its database, this app has the most foods to choose from to keep you on your new years calorie goal!

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