Drex & Maney’s Secret Santa For Levine Children’s Hospital Delivery

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Once again, we are overwhelmed by the amount of support and love that our Charlotte family gave out for the kids at Levine Children’s Hospital!  Our initial goal of $5,000 was shattered after the first day and we raised almost $10,000 for the kids at Levine Children’s Hospital.

Your donations, support and appreciation gave these kids a very special day at Levine Children’s Hospital and we wanted to take you on the journey with us.

We met kids like Zack, Kiki, Jayda and cutie Roland.  These are the faces of Levine Children’s Hospital, the kids who won’t make it home for Christmas this year, whose families have uprooted their entire lives to move to Charlotte to have their children receive the best care at Levine’s.

Drex, Maney & Cassiday had a chance to visit with all of these amazing families and wanted you to have a chance to see the smiles on their faces when they ripped into their presents!  (Yeah, we let them open ‘em early!)

Let’s just say, every kids left with excitement and plenty to do while they sit in their rooms tonight!


Watch the delivery here:



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