Chewbacca Goes Naked For PETA….. Oh Wait! It’s Wendy Williams

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Getty Images/Donna Ward

Getty Images/Donna Ward

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PETA is no stranger to getting everyone they can naked to prove that we shouldn’t wear fur. There are many celebs that I wish would do more PETA ads. However, like a gynecological patients, there’s many that should probably just keep their clothes on.

Wendy Williams is definitely one of those people. Now I’m not criticizing her weight or body, I’m just saying when you look like a female Brian Urlacher……you should probably just keep it on.

Williams is the newest face for PETA’s I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur campaign. “We should all try to be comfortable in our own skin and let animals keep theirs,” Wendy said in a statement. The giant nude photo of the talk show host is displayed in Time Square. Sorry NY! I agree that everyone should feel good in their own skin like Wendy says, however I also know that no one wants to see me naked and therefore I wouldn’t go naked.

It took me 3 looks before I realized it was Wendy Williams anyway. I thought Chewbacca was the newest celeb spokesperson.

wendy williams peta02 Chewbacca Goes Naked For PETA..... Oh Wait! Its Wendy Williams

PETA Campaign AD

CLICK HERE to see the actual pic… not much different trust me!

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