Tim Meadows Stop By The O Show, Talks Dream SNL Cast

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This weekend, SNL veteran and actor Tim Meadows is heading to the CLT Comedy Zone at the NC Music Factory but first he stopped by to talk with Otis from The O Show.

He’s been in huge movies like Mean Girls, The Grown Ups, Ladies Man and a ton more, bringing his hilarious and witty banter to the screen every time.  Of course, he’s most known for his long running role on the most famous sketch comedy show ever: SNL.

As a veteran himself, we had to ask what his dream cast would be.  It didn’t take him much time to put together his list of favorites, dead or alive.  “Jerry Lewis, who’s almost either side so that’s good.  Steve Martin, Adam Sandler… Tina Fey,” he lists adding that he would only be the writer, not in front of the camera.  But along with an all-star cast, SNL is known for its epic hosts and musical guests.  Tim’s favorite?  Tina Turner!  “I loved her when I was a kid so it was amazing to see her doing ‘Rolling On The River’ live with a band.  She did it as energetic as she did when I was a kid.”

“I used to sit in front of the television and fantasize about her,” he joked, relishing on his younger years.

Watch the full interview below and catch Tim Meadows live at the NC Music Factory tonight and tomorrow night for four shows.  Get tickets at cltcomedyzone.com.

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