Celeb Bikini Pic You’ve Been Waiting For: Judge Judy

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Judge Judy is household name since her court show has been on for like 130 years. I’ve always been a huge fan, because she reminds me of my Grandma Burris. However, Judge Judy just celebrated her 70th birthday in style.

She was out in the open water on a yacht celebrating with her family in a white two piece bikini on Oct. 21st. She told Katie Couric on her show “Katie” that, “exercise, and I eat reasonably, and I don’t want to look at myself being out of shape. That would depress me,” she says. “So I just kept up a regimen.”

We gotta admit she looks DAMN good for being 70. I may have a new cougar crush!


Comment below on what you think of how she looks at 70

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