Drex & Maney Meet BBQ N’ Blues!

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dm215 Drex & Maney Mornings
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In their mission to meet a million, the weekend took the show to the NC Music Factory for the BBQ and Blues festival.

It was the cultural hotspot for the last three days – a culmination of the nations finest marinades, smokes and downright delicious BBQ! Of course non of it goes down with our a little beer and beer goes down great with some NASCAR…

Oh yea, after taking the stage, downing some Q, it was time for a little racing, Drex got to the bottom of why these fellows were at the festival instead of the track:

thermometer Drex & Maney Meet BBQ N Blues!

JEFF GORDAN!! unlike the checkered flag at Charlotte Motor Speedway – Drex & Maney are still a long way off from their goal of 1 MILLION! But after this weekend we’re prod to move the thermometer to a cool 20,000.

Be prepared for the thermometer to heat up though! the guys have a lot more on the calendar!

mobile tag 11 Drex & Maney Meet BBQ N Blues!


mobile tag 21 Drex & Maney Meet BBQ N Blues!

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