Can’t Beat Cassiday: Erika Of Charlotte

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Today Cass goes to battle against Erika of Charlotte in the celebrity gossip game Can’t Beat Cassiday!

Erika is confident that she can put a stop to Cassiday’s winning streak and refuses to let her go to double digits!

Cassiday may have met her match this morning but could Erika fumble in the end?

Listen to all the questions and determine if YOU could have prevented Cass from raking in another W!

  1. Matt Lauer’s wife Annette has given the ultimatum: If Natalie Morales becomes Matt’s co-host she’s leaving him! What show is Matt on?
  2. Paris Hilton is now trying her hand at DJ’ing and most recently got in a scuffle with a paparazzi, what’s her catch phrase?
  3. Jennifer Aniston was seen boarding a private jet with her ex-husband’s BFF, who is that?
  4. Andrew Garfield, who was in the The Social network, will star in the prequel, playing the part of this web shooting super hero ________.
  5. The start of the Summer Olympics is just weeks away. The winter Olympics were in the U.S. in 2002. What city did they take place in?


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