War Of The Roses: Heels That Lead To Hell!

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Catching Cheaters Thursday's With Drex & Maney!

Catching Cheaters Thursday’s With Drex & Maney!

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It’s the War Of The Roses this morning and another couple faces the battle field!

This morning Drex and Maney helped Nikki in finding out if her man of 2 years has been running around behind her back.

After finding a pair of heels, that were not her size, in her boyfriend’s car she HAD to know if her suspicions were true!

Cass calls Chris and it did not play out the best for him…

Listen in to find out if he was being unfaithful and how it played out for Nikki!

Nikki can’t believe what she’s just learned about her “innocent” boyfriend. Listen to her reaction after she cools off! Some other listeners also chime in on the stupidity of men. Are they really the missing link between Apes and Humans?

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