Shortest Youtube Video Ever

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(Photo credit should read SEBASTIEN NOGIER/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit should read SEBASTIEN NOGIER/AFP/Getty Images)

I’ve seen videos on Youtube go as long as 24 hours.  Who has time to actually sit down and watch something like that?!  Not to mention how boring it would be to sit there for 24 hours and watch ONE video, which is usually a loop.

I’m like the rest of A.D.D. America, I like short and to the point! ;)  I believe I’ve found Youtube’s shortest video.  If there’s one shorter than this one, then post it in a comment so I can check it out.

Of course when this video is pulled up, you see a million other videos claiming to be the shortest on the site, I think one of them was taken in Charlotte, if it wasn’t, it definately looked like it by the view of the city in the background!

That’d be cool to have the shortest video ever here in Charlotte!  Check out the supposed “Shortest Video On Youtube” below!

I didn’t even have time to click the “X” on the advertisement before the video was over!  lol!  If you find a shorter video, Post it on a comment or Email it to me:

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