What’s Christina Aguilera’s Issue?!

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(Photo by Toby Canham/Getty Images)

(Photo by Toby Canham/Getty Images)

Christina Aguilera has had an ongoing feud with a few people on the voice.  I’ve heard of issues with her and Adam Levine, as well as contestant Tony Lucca.  I’m starting to think that maybe she’s the problem, because it seems that she’s the only common denominator…

Christina Aguilera seemed to be a little mean last night on The Voice, It’s coming to the end and it seems that she’s starting to throw her weight around…

The popstar has had a feud going on with Contestant Tony Lucca this season, and last night Christina Aguilera intensified things after Lucca did a great performance of “99 Problems”, Aguilera wasn’t very impressed, saying:

“I just thought the lyrical connotation was a little derogatory towards women, but all in all I thought it was fun.”

I’m CERTAIN that wasn’t Lucca’s intentions.  The other 2 judges, who by the way, have no beef with anyone, thought the performance was great!

Lucca’s Coach, Marron 5’s Adam Levine stepped in to defend his talent, saying:

“We’re not referring to women, we’re referring to everything… it’s called a metaphor.”

Let’s not forget that Christina really has no room to talk after butchering our National Anthem. ;)

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