Drex & Maney: Tijana’s Top 5 Office Hotties!

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Tijana's Top 5 Office Hotties!

Tijana’s Top 5 Office Hotties!

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This morning Tijana joined Drex & Maney with a countdown of her Top 5 office hotties! It’s a list that took her 3-days to compile, but she knew instantly who was going to make the cut.

The CBS Radio offices attract a rare combination of Charlotte’s best professionals and for many ladies in the workplace Tijana’s top 5 is just a start.


Tijana’s Top 5

terry Drex & Maney: Tijanas Top 5 Office Hotties!

Terry Smith II

5)   Terry Smith II

Clocking in at number five and certainly not the least important office cutie, “Mr. Prince Charming”. The office favorite that makes even the older women perk up at the sight of him. There is nothing more attractive to a woman than a man who can make them laugh. His strong wit, confidence, and sense of humor makes it hard to keep away from this guy. He always keeps you wanting more!

dj Drex & Maney: Tijanas Top 5 Office Hotties!

DJ Stout

4)   DJ Stout

DJ the “mystery man”! He has a mysterious way about him that could peak any woman’s interest. He’s the mystery novel you wish you could get your hands on. He is quiet and reserved so you never know what he could be thinking, which could drive a woman wild.

johnny Drex & Maney: Tijanas Top 5 Office Hotties!

Johnny Osborne

3)   Johnny Osbourne

You can never forget the boy next door! Johnny is the guy you always want to bring home to the family! He’s sweet, funny and always had a way of making every person feel important. Too bad he’s engaged ladies, ’cause he is what you call ‘THE keeper’!

dustin Drex & Maney: Tijanas Top 5 Office Hotties!

Dustin Shearon

2)   Dustin Shearon

He’s the guy your mom always warned you about! Dustin is what you call the office “bad boy”. His rebel attitude keeps you wanting more! He’s mysterious, confident and oh-so-hot in a perfectly tailored suit, which he wears daily. His style and go-getter mentality makes you want to be the girl on his arm on Saturday night.

Billy Grooms

Billy Grooms

1)   Billy Grooms

A man of perfect composure! He’s a man of style as well as class which puts him at #1 on the list! His sophisticated look keeps the attention of not only the women but the men as well. He is very easy to talk to which makes him smooth with all the ladies! That’s why he can always be known as the “Ladies Man”.

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