Hot Chelle Rae Talk Success, Sports & Weird Bus Moments

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(Photo by Jodi Phillips/Kiss 95.1)

(Photo by Jodi Phillips/Kiss 95.1)

Though Hot Chelle Rae took some time off during their Beautiful Freaks Tour last month, they made sure to keep the party going by restarting their music journey in Charlotte this past week.  Drex from Drex & Maney Mornings had a chance to talk to Ryan, Jamie, Ian and Nash before the show at Amos’ Southend during the Kiss 95.1 VIP Pre-show meet & greet.

Armed with your Twitter questions, Drex learned a little more about the band including who they want to collaborate with in the future and some annoying habits they’ve noticed from fellow band mates.  But more importantly, why exactly did Jamie Follese announce his utter dislike for Drex?

Surrounded by Charlotte’s biggest fans, the band openly admitted to the one question many people wonder about celebrities: do you look yourself up online? “Sadly yes,” guitarist Nash Overstreet admits.  “It’s funny to look back and see the different hair styles, clothing styles because it changes so often.  Even a year, year-and-a-half ago, we watch something like ‘wow’.”

But there’s more than just Googling themselves to keep them busy.  The AMA Best New Artist have had a major increase in popularity the past year.  “2011 was our year as far as breaking out and becoming a band much more people knew about,” bass guitarist Ian Keaggy told Drex.  “[In] 2009 we put out our first album and nobody knew who Hot Chelle Rae was.”  In the past, the band went by the name Miracle Drug but later changed it to Hot Chelle Rae after a MySpace stalker named Chelle Rae who pretended to be a model with music business connections.

Of course, Chelle Rae wasn’t the only weird thing to ever happen to them.  When asked about the weirdest thing they’ve done on their new tour bus, lead singer Ryan Follese was quick to answer.  They filmed their “I Like It Like That” video!  “We filmed it the night that we got the official copy of the song back,” Ryan says.  “We were so excited about it that we just started hanging out and listening to it and our manager pulled out the camera and next thing you know, we have a video.”  Though the song has New Boyz rapping on the track, it wasn’t until later they added them to the video.   “They guest performed on the Script tour, [we] invited them on the bus and filmed again,” the talented lead singer admits.

Music videos may be the weirdest thing filmed on the bus, but what about the other countless hours spent on the moving home away from home?  “There’s a lot of sports on,” Ryan nods after Ian throws Jamie under the bus as the electronics hog.  But sports talk soon turned personal as Detroit Red Wings fan Drex admitted to the possible win over Nashville Predators in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  “I don’t like you,” Jamie admitted while the rest of the band laughed.

The band’s busy lifestyle doesn’t keep them from enjoying life on the road.  “We only break when we’re not awake,” Ryan says in a typical lyrical manner.  Hot Chelle Rae are continuing their Beautiful Freaks 2012 Tour throughout the rest of the month, check out the rest of the tour dates here.

-Jodi Phillips/ Kiss 95.1

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